MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #567 - Saturday February 11, 2017 - OUT OF TOWN

Meeting point: Lutheran Guesthouse, 2:00 pm - OUT OF TOWN (Read More)

Newsletter Item
Edition Thursday 11 February 2010, 00 55
MHHH Run #252 - February 13, 2010 and Party

MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem

Hi Hashers and Hashettes,

This weeks run is at Laguna Beach.
Since this is a Saturday run, the hash will start at 5:00pm. Hashers are therefore requested to report by 4:45pm.

After the Hash the Valentines Party will also be held at Laguna Beach at 7pm. Bring many, many bottles and many, many friends. Have fun!

At last weeks Hash several Hashers donated 130USD in total for the victims of the VOA Camp fire. Thank you! The money was used to buy tarpaulins and soap.

Drink one for me...

On! On!

Sander de Boer
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