MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #567 - Saturday February 11, 2017 - OUT OF TOWN

Meeting point: Lutheran Guesthouse, 2:00 pm - OUT OF TOWN (Read More)

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Edition Friday 20 May 2011, 10 21
MHHH *UPDATE* Run #316 - Saturday May 21, 2011

MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem

Hi Hashers and Hashettes,

A correction to the newletter since the directions to the Hash were rather terse. We'd like you to actually be able to get there! Also some info about the BBQ was added...

This week the Hash will be held at Congo Town. From the direction of Monrovia, drive towards Elwa Junction. Immediately past Lonestar, take the second 'dusty road' on the left. There is a green colored house at the entrance to the junction (YMCA is on the corner of the first dusty road). The junction is immediately opposite the Bethel Cathedral of Hope.
The Hash is located at the second house on the left. It is in a walled compound with two gates. The first black gate does not open the second gate is rusty red and the Hash Sign should be outside.

If you are lost call Teenie Weenie at 06532121.

Since this is a Saturday run, the hash will start at 5:00 pm. Hashers are therefore requested to report by 4:45 pm. The registration fee is 2 USD and is to be paid before the run/walk begins.

The Hash is hosted by Ms Plod and she will be providing the beer, the pepper soup and some corn, plantine, bananas, etc. We are going to put on a BBQ and Hashers are urged to bring and share their own food for the BBQ.

Please bring good spirits and take back some pictures.

Any updates will be available on line on the site's home page.

Drink one for me...

On! On!

Sander de Boer
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