MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #567 - Saturday February 11, 2017 - OUT OF TOWN

Meeting point: Lutheran Guesthouse, 2:00 pm - OUT OF TOWN (Read More)

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Edition Thursday 12 May 2011, 00 23
MHHH Run #315 - Saturday May 14, 2011

MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem

Hi Hashers and Hashettes,

This week the Hash will be held at 7th Street, sea side, Sinkor. The location is the Andalucia Conplex, gate number 4, at the swimming pool.

If you are lost call Teenie Weenie at 06532121.

Since this is a Saturday run, the hash will start at 5:00 pm. Hashers are therefore requested to report by 4:45 pm. The registration fee is 2 USD and is to be paid before the run/walk begins.

The fee includes the water.  Not included are other refreshments: Beer is 1 USD per bottle or can and soft-drinks are 0,50 USD per can. All payments in cash.

Please remember: Not all local bars accept USD or will charge more if you do pay in USD. Some prefer to be paid in LRD. They may also require a deposit for the bottle.

Africa Hash in 2013

If you are a dedicated Hasher and like to plan things well ahead of time: We received an invitation to the Africa Hash in 2013. It will be held in Accra, Ghana, by the Accra Hash on 7-9 June 2013. The Venue is Cape Coast.

On a budget? No problem! An arrangement with Cape Coast University will be made to use their dormitory facilities, so low-cost accommodation is assured. They are offering Earlybird registration for USD 100 until 31 July 2011. After that the cost will rise to USD 150.

If you are interested, please keep an eye on the Accra Hash website, it will soon have the information.

CameraPictures please...

I will keep asking till I drop. Yes! I will. Pictures of all your Hashing adventures are still wanted; at least the kind that I can show on the site I mean. They start coming in slowly but more will be very nice. So take a camera with you next time...

Please bring good spirits.

Any updates will be available on line on the site's home page.

Drink one for me...

On! On!

Sander de Boer
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